Brussels Airport presents new photobook


On 8 December 2016, Brussels Airport presented a new photobook by Belgian photographer Tom D’Haenens.

During an event at the Sheraton Hotel near the Brussels Airport terminal, Brussels Airport presented a new photobook. The book contains many unique photos all made by Belgian photographer Tom D’Haenens. The photographer spent more than a year at various locations at the airport to make unique portraits of the airport and its aircraft, passengers and employees. It is his second photobook of Brussels Airport. 

After a reception, all guests were welcomed by Mr. Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport. He was more than grateful towards Tom D’Haenens and everybody who assisted in the making of this new piece of art. 

Few moments later, Mr. Steven Decraene held a short speech. Steven Decraene is a Belgian journalist and an expert on aviation matters. He has a true passion for the airport and has already written a few books on the Belgian aviation scene, including ‘De Crash Van Sabena’ (2002) and ‘Turbulente Tijden’ (2011). For this photobook, he contributed by writing most of the photo captions and other texts in the book.

Finally, it was time for the speech of the photographer, Mr Tom D’Haenens. He stressed out the beauty of the airport, the dedication of all of its employees after the horrendous attacks of 22 March 2016 and his gratitude towards the many people who assisted in the making of this new photobook.

The book itself is a true beauty, and a must-have for any avgeek who has a passion for Brussels Airport.

More info on this book is available on