A Brief Look At My Instagram Photos – February 2014

Welcome to another edition of my ‘A Brief Look At My Instagram Photos’ series, in which I do a review of my best Instagram photos of the past month. As already explained in earlier posts in this series, I will share the folllowing information for each photo:

  • Title
  • Date & Time
  • Location
  • Camera
  • Motivation & Comments

For a more detailed explanation on each individual item, as well as a general introduction, please read my first post in this series A Brief Look At My Instagram Photos – December 2013. As for now, let’s go and check out my best Instagram photos of February 2014…


Good Morning!

Title: Good Morning!

Date & Time: February 14th 2014 – 08:00 LT

Location: Home

Camera: Apple iPhone 5

Motivation & Comments: I am a huge fan of sunrises and sunsets. On this very occasion, I got another amazing view on the sky during sunrise and, as usual, I simply had to take a photo. I decided to compose the photo in such a way that it captures as much of the sky as possible, whilst still having a tiny bit of ground in it as well, as it helps to get a better idea of size. Finally, when uploading the photo to Instagram I used the Lo-Fi filter, as it tends to colourize this kind of photos just a notch more.


In Het Park

(In The Park)

Title: In Het Park

Date & Time: February 16th 2014 – 14:00 LT

Location: Vrijbroekpark Mechelen

Camera: Apple iPhone 5

Motivation & Comments: It was a quiet Sunday and the weather was not that bad. So I decided to take my son to the nearby park called ‘Vrijbroekpark’. While walking in the park, we noticed a huge tree that was cut. I assume that probably every 4 year old kid would like to walk on this tree (at least my son did…). Fortunately, before starting his short walk on the tree, he was so kind enough to pose for me so I could make this nice photo of him sitting on this tree.