Brussels Airport constructs spotter places in Zaventem and Steenokkerzeel

Each day, dozens of spotters come to Brussels Airport. The large diversity of airlines, the special aircraft and the dynamism attract quite a few plane spotters to the airport, some of them from across the border. Brussels Airport wants to provide safe and interesting places for spotters where they can exercise their favourite hobby and for this reason it is investing in the construction of two spotter places in Zaventem and Steenokkerzeel.

In 2016 Brussels Airport held a survey of the spotters who regularly come to the airport. Around 1,700 spotters responded and indicated what they considered important for a fixed spotters’ place and what this location should ideally look like.

Since there are currently no regulated locations for spotters in the municipalities around the airport, Brussels Airport has, in consultation with spotters and neighbouring municipalities, looked for nearby places that meet both the wishes of the spotters and the provisions for security and safety. Brussels Airport has identified two places where a spotter area can and will be built. Brussels Airport Company will shortly submit a permit application and, if the application is successful, the construction of the spotter places can begin this year.

When designing the spotter places, account was not only taken of the wishes of the spotters; for Brussels Airport it was also important that sustainable materials should be used and that information about the airport in general would be given. Brussels Airport is also constructing a small parking at the start of runway 25L so that there are sufficient parking spaces for spotters in Steenokkerzeel.

Here is an overview of the two spotter places that Brussels Airport will construct:

1. Zaventem

A first spotter place will be created at runway 01/19, in the area where the Speelbos is also located. Brussels Airport will be building a raised platform there so that spotters can have an unobstructed view of the runway. There will also be information signs about the airport next to the platform. In addition, Brussels Airport will be installing new play equipment for families. Spotters can make use of the normal parking areas around the wood.

Brussels Airport constructs spotter places

2. Melsbroek (Steenokkerzeel)

A second spotter place will be constructed in the vicinity of the transit centre Steenokkerzeel near runway 25L/07R.This runway is generally used for landings and the area around this runway is very popular with spotters. To increase traffic safety in the area and also the safety of the spotters, Brussels Airport will expand a prescribed platform and the parking near the transit centre with a section for the spotters. In order to provide the spotters an attractive spot with an unobstructed view of the aircraft landing and taking off, Brussels Airport will construct a raised platform here.


Brussels Airport constructs spotter places

15 February 2017

Photos: copyright © Brussels Airport